Farming on Crisis? | Trailer

The EU Common Agricultural Policy is under reform. And it is a challenge for all peoples of Europe to jointly draw a new strategy for a better food and farming… Read More →

Farming on Crisis? | Episode 2: Young Farmers

Our countryside becomes desolate, but due to the economic crisis the young people are seeking ways to return back to it. What are the challenges for a young farmer today?… Read More →

Farming on Crisis? | Episode 3: Environment

Climate change and the availability of water resources affect the very future of food production. What is the impact of agriculture in our landscape and the environment? And how can… Read More →

Farming on Crisis? | Episode 3: Epilogue

Can the Greek economy start again through its countryside? And how can Europe support the diversity of its farming systems? Prof. Athanasios Tsaftaris is the former Minister of Rural Development… Read More →