Earth Democracy. Interview with Vandana Shiva

Photo: benroot@flickr

The organic movement is here in Rio+20 with a very concrete agenda: to mainstream organic agriculture at all levels. Among them is Dr. Vandana Shiva, who has been fighting for biodiversity and small farmers’ rights for the past four decades. Founder of the Navdanya movement in India, Shiva is one of the deepest thinkers of our times, eloquent and reflective, and one of the strongest advocates for the organic movement. I have followed Dr. Shiva for a day in her busy schedule in Rio+20 and captured her insights on the food system, the current economic crisis, youth and poverty.

In this commando interview, she shares her thoughts on the movements for change evolving around the world and the importance of young people in creating a sustainable food future, and all whilst riding in a taxi en route to the People’s Summit at Rio +20.

Originally published on the Sustainable Food Trust.